Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter Review

Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter ReviewWelcome to where we will be reviewing the features of the Stanley J5C09 500 Amp  Jump Starter.  We will also cover both the positive and negative opinions of customers who have purchased and used the Stanley.  For more complete reviews about jump starters in every category and for every use, visit

If you’re looking for a portable battery boost that stacks up to some of the well known brands in the market then you may want to try the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09. Although there are plenty of options out there, this one is definitely worth checking out. The interesting thing about this particular model is it combines portability with a full size design. Despite having large dimensions, users can easily carry it around whenever they want.



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So if you need a reliable battery boost that can be deployed quickly to revive a dead car’s batteries then you should try the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09. Although it’s slightly heavier than the average compact battery boost, it’s also lighter than most large full size batteries, which basically means that you get the best of both worlds.

How? Well, it’s because its peak power output can reach as high as 1,000 amperes, which is double the peak output delivered by most other brands. Since 2009, Stanley has worked to improve their particular model and thanks to the better performance of their batteries, they’ve managed to gain worldwide popularity as a testament to their competitiveness. So if you’re worried about your car battery shutting down in the middle of a busy highway, the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 will remove that danger for you.


Get your Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor and save 30% at Amazon



However, this battery also poses certain challenges. For example, given its large power capacity, the J5C09 naturally requires a longer charging time. It takes around 20 hours to fully charge the battery boost, and like most batteries, it requires quite a bit of maintenance.

When maintaining the J5C09, it’s important that you regularly charge the device’s battery, not to mention monitor its battery level on a regular basis.

Also, it’s important that you don’t use the J5C09 if the power level indicator states that it’s currently below maximum. Using maximum charge is not only good for keeping the device in good working condition, it can also increase your chances of reviving a dead car’s batteries successfully.

Unlike most other battery boosts, the J5C09 doesn’t offer a lot of drawers or pockets. Although this can be seen as a flaw, there’s a reason why the manufacturers opted for this design. Without any drawers or compartments, the Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 could have larger dimensions. So in a sense it’s a trade off. The J5C09 may not have any air pockets, but it does offer plenty of additional power than most other brands.

Also, the durable alligator clamps as well as custom designed cables allow for a stable and reliable connection between the battery boost and a dead car battery. The purpose behind these kinds of features is to increase the battery boost’s chances of success. By incorporating more power and better connections, the J5C09 has a better chance of reviving your car’s battery at full charge.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the J5C09 is only about power. The device also features the standard safety features found on other battery boosts. So don’t worry, it won’t damage any equipment in case you make a couple of mistakes, because the J5C09 will warn you of them.  Please check out our information page.

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