Stanley tools and products are world renowned for being ranked highest in quality by both the construction and do-it-yourself markets.  Recognizable by their black and yellow branding, they set the standard for high quality design and construction.

In spite of how recognizable their brand is today, their journey to become the business they are now was a complicated one.  Starting as two separate businesses owned by the Stanley family – the Bolt Manufactory founded in 1843 by Frederick and the Rule and Level Company founded in 1857 by cousin Henry, it wasn’t until 1920 that the two family businesses went through the merger to become the company they are today.



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But it doesn’t end there.  In 2010 this company and power tool manufacturing giant Black & Decker went through a historic merger that saw both companies join to form Stanley Black & Decker the new power tool superpower.

So what is the verdict of customers who have purchased and used the Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter?  I have read through hundreds of reviews as well as spent time on several automotive blogs to try and get a feel for the overall feeling of satisfaction and usability for the J5C09.  Read more about the features of the jump starter.

Based on what I have read, the general consensus is very positive.  The terms “life saver” and “powerful” were pretty much standard adjectives.  I did not read of one instance where the jump starter did not perform as advertised, even when it was left in a car trunk for a year. Many reviewers commented that they used it to jump start several vehicles without charging the unit in between.  There were also a lot of comments about the accessory plugs which you can plug your cell phone, among other things, into.



Get your Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor and save 30% at Amazon


There were two complaints that came up consistently.  The first one was weight.  Many people commented on the .bulk of the jump starter.  Basically, what you have is a large battery along with the assorted paraphernalia to put it to use.  You can buy lighter units, but then the concern becomes is the power available when you need it.  This is a tradeoff type of question that only the end user can decide.  You can see other jump starter options at

The second complaint was the lack of an automatic float charging system.  I saw this complaint several times and then saw it addressed perfectly.  This is a portable battery jump starter.  It is not meant to be a battery maintainer.  If you use the product the way it is designed and marketed you will not need to worry about over charging a battery.  You can learn more about battery maintainers here.



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